2010-2013 „Rūklys - son of King Mindaugas”

Obverse, reverse. Numbered. Material: Silver Ag 925 (hallmarked), brass. ø 51 mm.
Mintage: 99 silver, 999 brass. Struck by Lithuanian Mint. 2013.


      Medals are dedicated to the sons of King who did not become the rulers. Like the author said poetically, “something happened and their horses stumbled”, and they did not become the kings of Lithuania. Because of the unclear or controversial princes’ fates, the artist chose the mysterious plot. 
      The reverse shows the dynamic, energetic and vital composition of two horsemen. It is also the anxious construct that has the prophetical signs of future. The frenzied lines and flowing cloaks refer to the internal tension like the wish to fight back the chaos. It is particularly contrasted with the obverses where the sons of King Mindaugas are represented in the festive manner recalling the Italian tradition of princes’ portraits. The modeling of medals is very subtle and detailed as a significant emotion and sensitive access to historical material. When creating the medals of princes the iconography of the A. Guagnini’s chronicles was used. 
      These medals are filled with the philosophy and aesthetics from various periods of time revealing the new page in the medals art. 

Art critic Eglė Dean