„Grand Duke Gediminas. 690th anniversary of Vilnius“

Obverse, reverse. Numbered. Co-author: Germantas Kalinauskas.
Material: Silver Ag 925 (hallmarked), brass. ø 51 mm.
Mintage: 99 silver, 999 brass. Struck by Lithuanian Mint. 2013.


      The medal is dedicated to the 690th anniversary of Vilnius. On the obverse the newly interpreted portrait of Gediminas characterizes him as a strong soldier and intellectual diplomat. The model is both bold and subtle revealing Duke’s internal features. The iron wolf on his helmet shows some kind of the mythological aspects. The medal indicates the sign of memory, not like the construct of the object but like the sign in process and coordination with other historical and present signs.
      The reverse shows the very detailed and stylistically flawless panorama of the Vilnius city. This urban landscape that refers to constantly existing urban implication, incentive and constraints is filled with particular images connecting the past and the present.
      This medal is full of many mythological and historical signs giving a new life to the Grand Duke Gediminas and enriching the collection of Lithuanian medals and historical iconography.

Art critic Eglė Dean