„Diluviae Vilnensis” - „Vilniaus Tvanas”, co-author - Juozas Kalinauskas,
dimmensions - 100x130, 100x120, 150x190, 100x120, 100x130, 2009.

      This project is a tribute to Lithuania's past. Not only to its glorious history, but also to the dreadful and dramatic events that shacked the country and cost lots of loss. The catastrophic events, which took place in 1655-1660 where called "the Deluge" by the eyewitnesses. The chronicles tells us about the brutal, inhuman and barbaric behavior of the Russian and Kazakh armies that flooded into Vilnius.   
      The terrible ravage of the so called "Vilnius Deluge" has stopped the development of this European city for about 200 years.