"The Pac Family"


The Pac Family, from the collection "Majestic Lithuania"

Obverse, reverse, silver-plated copper, electrotype, Ø 19 cm, gold-plated copper, Ø 38,6 mm. 2015.
Struck by St Pauls mint in 2015. Distributor of the collection: www.MonetuNamai.lt.

The Pac family (Polish: Pacowie, Lithuanian: Pacas, Belarusian: Пац) was one of the most influential noble families in the Grand Duchy of Lithuania during the era of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth. Numerous high-ranking officials of the Commonwealth came from their ranks. Their coat of arms was Gozdawa. The family reached the height of its influence during the second half of the 17th century. They sponsored the construction of several notable examples of Baroque architecture in Lithuania​ - St Peter and St Paul's Church in Vilnius and the Monastery of Pažaislis​. In 1753, following a visit to the Pazzi household in Florence, Stefan Pac advanced the theory that the two families were related. The Pacs later dedicated a church to Magdalena de Pazzi. The family's influence was overwhelmed in the late 17th century by the rivals Sapiehas.

Lina Kalinauskaitė