„Jagiello the Baptist of Lithuania”, the sixteenth medal from the collection "Majestic Lithuania".

      Jogaila (Jogaila Algirdaitis; Polish: Władysław II Jagiełło, Wladyslaw II Jagiela, 1348. - 1434. June 1.) - Son of Algirdas, the Grand Duke of Lithuania (1377-1401), the Russian ruler (Dux Magnus Lituanorum Russiaeque Dominus et Haerus naturalis) and king of Poland (1386 to 1434).
      He was the founder of the Jagiellonian dynasty in Poland that bears his name and was the heir to the already established house of Gediminids in the Grand Duchy of Lithuania. These royal dynasties ruled both states until 1572,[nb 2] and became one of the most influential dynasties in the late medieval and early modern Central and Eastern Europe.[2] During his reign, the Polish-Lithuanian state was the largest state in the Christian world. In 1387 he converted Lithuania to Christianity.   
      From the military point of view, the most important achievement of Jogaila was the defeat of Teutonic Order in Prussia, together with allied forces of Lithuania.
Obverse, reverse, silver-plated copper, electrotype, Ø 19 cm, gold-plated copper, Ø 38,6 mm. 2015.
Struck by St Pauls mint in 2015. Distributor of the collection: www.MonetuNamai.lt.