"Vytautas the Great"


"Vytautas the Great" is the thirteenth medal from the collection "Majestic Lithuania".

Vytautas the Great (1350 - 1430) - Grand Duke of Lithuania (1401-1429, actually - 1392-1429; 1422-1423 - As well as the Czech king) and Lithuanian king (1429-1430). Son of the Grand Duke Kęstutis, cousin of Jogaila.
Vytautas is the biggest personality in the history of Lithuania. He managed to find probably the best possible way to put Lithuania from backwardness; it was him who modernised the country. By the means of the political weight and military power, he removed the international isolation from almost all the areas of life. Lithuania in Europe was significant as never before and afterwards.

Gold plated copper, ø 38.6 mm, minted by St Pauls Mint.
Distributor of the collection is www.MonetuNamai.lt